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Louis Zambrini, track star, war hero, and inspirational speaker. Even though he accomplished so much, he struggled with one challenge. Louis Zambrini had to figure out what his purpose in life was on multiple occasions. When his family moved from Italy to the United States, he was just a child; however, he was extremely mischievous. He would steal anything he could get his hands on, and fight with anyone who dared cross him. Louis spent his life surviving one extraordinary event after another. No one had faith in him (including Louis) except for one person; his brother Pete. After searching, he finally came to find his own faith. The meaning of his life was about being empowered by forgiveness and figuring out he could exceed the expectations of others by controlling his destiny and happiness. Although Louis went through many ups and downs, he always seemed dig himself out of the ditch he was in. As a delinquent, he turned into an Olympian. As a stranded airman, he survived until rescue. As a POW, he pulled through the harsh conditions until the completion of the war. As a man suffering from flashbacks and a drinking problem, he became an inspirational and religious person. All of these things amount to display just how amazing of a person this man was. Pete Zambrini, Louis's older brother, got Louis into track. Louis turned out to be absolutely spectacularly at running events, winning every race he was faced with. Louis eventually went onto compete in the Olympics. This challenge of changing from a hoodlum to a track star was very difficult for Louis. Louis didn't just become a great runner, he was tired of being a petty thief. When his brother convinced him to try out for the track team, he slowly devoted hi... ... middle of paper ... ... his own destiny. Finding peace, through forgiveness, he did what most cannot; he forgave his greatest enemy. Through the small achievements that he conquered, it prepared him to tackle bigger obstacles and ultimately find the meaning to his life. It's people like this who shape the world we live in. I think if we search hard enough, there is a Zambrini in all of us. Courageous, loyal, and brave. Maybe if we recognized these traits, we could make ourselves better people. Although probably none of us will go through the exact pain and suffering that Louis did, we will face similar situations. Situations that require us to deal with loss and utter despair. It's a true testament of whether a man stays on the ground, or gets back up throwing punches and keeps on fighting. This is exactly what Louis did. We should never forget, the man was truly unbroken.
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