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The Cross Country Challenge: Surviving my Long Road Trip Adequate preparation for any trip can prevent frustration and aggravation along the way, as well as making it more productive. Summer is the perfect time for getting together with friends and hitting the road for an adventure. In the summer of 2015, me and a couple of friends, Alex Banuelos and Hyeseong Chae decided to go on a road trip across the United States. I met Alex and Hyeseong when I was in the Army and stationed at Yongsan, South Korea. This was a spur of the moment road trip planned at the last minute. We agreed that my jeep was the best option for our means of transportation. Our long car ride and hitting many stops along the way presented us with our own set of challenges and opportunities. When deciding a destination you’ll want to know what route you’re taking, and at least roughly how many days you’re planning to be on the road. Alex, Hyeseong and I, did not have a plan in place. We had two weeks of vacation and the only place we were sure of visiting was Las Vegas, Nevada. It was late in the afternoon on a Thursday and I have finally arrived at LaGuardia Airport. My friends, Alex and Hyeseong were already waiting on me. A sudden rush of excitement filled our eyes when we were finally reunited once again. This was Hyeseong’s first trip to the United States. She had to be more excited. Her eyes, her lips, and her spirit all at once smiled at me. We finally agreed to drive down the east coast and see where the road takes us. Alex and I did most of the driving because Hyeseong didn’t have a driving license. It wasn’t until a few hundred miles later that we realized that we should have planned our stops ahead of time. We would’ve saved a lot of time and stress ... ... middle of paper ... ...per hour. Anyway I immediately pulled over to the side of the road and started the recovery process. We were in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully, I had a spare tire in the back of my jeep. I was extremely frustrated. Now it’s going to take us longer to get to Las Vegas. We can only drive 45 miles per hour on a spare tire. It was about midnight when we finally arrived in Las Vegas. There are so many more stories I could share about my trip with my friends and our adventure across the United States. I could spend several hours talking about our experience in Las Vegas. It’s important for a road trip to be exceptionally detailed. We defiantly should have organized our trip better. If there’s one time you really want to be organized, it’s when youre traveling. I learned my lesson. The next time I go on a road trip of this magnitude, I will definitely be more prepared.
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