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-Introduction In this essay, I will discuss the features, price savings and advantages of Loft insulation. In cold climates, Loft insulation plays the simplistic and essential role of keeping the warmth in a house from the cold air outside. It is used in almost every house, building, skyscraper and store to maintain a constant temperature! In fact, over 40% of heat escapes through the loft, so it is very important to insulate it. This will prevent cold air from disturbing your warmth. -Science Involved Keeping a stable room temperature is the purpose of Loft insulation. It is a fairly simple method of insulating, but is very effective. The air cells in loft insulation is a very bad conductor, but a good insulator. When Winter comes around the corner, people crank up their heaters. The warm air rises to the ceiling and loft insulation blocks the heat from escaping. It is the same when Summer arrives. It also keeps warm from coming inside your house by blocking its passage. -Advantages There are different types of Loft insulation that are used for different purposes. For instance, using Natural Sheep’s Wool is a good choice as it’s naturally fire retardant and produces no toxic gasses. Also, if bought correctly includes rat repellent. The next type of Loft Insulation is Dry Cellulose. Dry Cellulose is essentially recycled paper that has a mineral salt fire retardant and mold preventor sprayed on it. The most popular and efficient solution is Fiberglass insulation. It is fire retardant by nature. Fiberglass is easy to install and relatively inexpensive. In general, Loft insulation can save you up to £200 and 230kg of CO² per year! -Disadvantages Loft insulation has a very small amount of disadvantages. One main disadvan... ... middle of paper ... ... -Bibliography 1. “How does loft insulation work?”,, Date Accessed: 1/23/14, Url: 2. “Types of loft insulation”, Save your Energy - Stafford Area, Date Published and updated: 2007 - 2014, Date Accessed: 1/17/14, Url: 3. “Keep your home warm and save energy with loft insulation”,, Date Accessed: 1/15/14, Url: 4. “Loft Insulation: Any Dangers or Disadvantages?”,, Date Accessed: 1/13/14, Url: 5. “Your loft insulation questions answered”, Tameside Energy Services Ltd, Date Accessed: 1/13/14, Url:

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