Essay On Literacy And Literacy

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If a child is a seed, then the education he receives is the water that helps him bloom into a flower. In a country of one billion almost half of the citizens are uneducated and illiterate. The thing that I feel strongly about and which should be eliminated is the lack of education and literacy. Literacy and education are similar yet two very different concepts. Literacy is the ability to read and write. How ironic it is to be a part of the country where right to education is a fundamental right but half of the country’s population can’t even spell their own name. Illiterate people, no matters how talented or experienced they may be, fall into the traps of various others who have continued to exploit them since centuries. One may argue or debate that being literate is not the only means to…show more content…
In India there are still many villages which fall into the clutches of illiteracy in a worse manner than the others. The moneylenders, the zamindars, the contractors manipulate them into believing facts that further deteriorates their position. They are devoid of their basic rights, of the privileges that they are offered by the constitution of India as a measure to bring equality. Illiteracy has not only pangs of economic descent but also it is a major lapse in the overall growth of not only a person but the society as a whole. Illiteracy widens the gap between the rich and the poor. It limits the mentality of a person into thinking that the world is just a surreal blur and is confined to the four walls of their humble abode or the boundaries of their state. They live and die in darkness, building a home on the catacomb of their dreams. The effect of illiteracy is so deep rooted that people deny accepting that it is a curse on their lives. They continue to believe in the myths and fancies which is their further fall. Illiteracy not only attacks the self esteem of a person but he is forced to earn a meager income. He is
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