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II. Application part Cohesion is the basis of any article. It is a main step of linking appropriate terms or grammar form into an article. So cohesion method generally includes two types which are: lexical and grammatical cohesion. In any text, lexical cohesion is the result of chains of related words that take part in the maintenance of continuity of lexical meaning. While grammatical cohesion could be defined as the relations between sentences and paragraphs that produce unity in any text. This present study trace the lexical and grammatical cohesion in the following three articles: Black. Male. Feminism, published in an African American magazine, See the Highlights of Africa with Presidential Private Jet Vacations, extracted from…show more content…
Firstly, lexical reiteration can be regarded as a significant feature that evidently produce and retain textuality of the text. Reiteration is applicable to the repetition of a lexical item, either directly or through synonyms, antonyms, co-hyponyms and superordinate. For instance, in the first article there is repetition in some words like: "black women" in the first paragraph, in line 2, line 3 and line 5, as well as in the second paragraph in line 2, in the third paragraph in line 3 and line 9, in the fourth one in line 1, in the sixth paragraph in line 1, line 3 and line 5. "Black men" is repeated in the first paragraph in line 5, in fourth paragraph in line 3, in the sixth one as well before the last line and finally in the ninth paragraph in line 1. "Assault" is repeated in paragraph 1 in line 3 and in paragraph 3 in line 6 and in line 9 to show one shape of cruelty that women bare. "Accountability" in paragraph 3 in line 4, line 5 and the last one to highlight the main idea of the paragraph. And he repeated it in the fourth paragraph in line 3. "Support" is reduplicated in paragraph 1 in line 2, 9 and 10 to ensure the writer's advocacy to black women. "Feminist" is also reiterated in paragraph. The writer also asserted his willing to be able to support black…show more content…
For instance, "continent," which is in the fifth line of the first paragraph is a superordinate that foreshadows, along with its preceding adjective "African," that the article is about the African continent and some African cities. Thus, its co-hyponyms are "Tanzania," "Zambia" and "Namibia." Finally, "jet" in the ninth line and "aircraft" in the tenth line of the first paragraph are superordinates. And "Gulfstream, Challenger and Falcon jets" are their co-hyponyms, as they are types of jets and/or

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