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Levels of motivation integrated with the impact it can have on an individuals and team performance in the work place. Introduction Motivation is regarded as an impulse that benefits an individual’s performance in the workplace. Requiring an elevating the mind frame constantly can devour a negative effect, therefore, injecting motivational techniques and strategies can flourish an individual’s performance which can benefit the team’s enactment overall “Motivation is not a simple concept; instead motivation pertains to various drives, desires, needs, wishes and other forces.” Uzonna, U. (2013). In this report I will discuss and evaluate how motivation has numerous levels that can impact an individual and the team. In addition, this report will consist of strategies available that can preserve great levels of motivation within the organisation. Levels of motivation Incorporating motivation that can impact Individuals Motivation is positive energy that is excelled and impacted by the specific individual or members of management. Businesses rely on motivation which can encourage employees to work up to maximum potential, with this cycle process the business can reach success in many ways. Motivation In the work place can see results in many ways e.g. employees will pay more attention to detail providing work of much more value.…show more content…
In addition, numerous employees are money motivated, businesses can provide incentives by increasing wages or allowing individuals to paid time leave. The chance of being promoted or working in other areas of the business can also increase positive tension in the working environment “Increase responsibility. Employees who are given more responsibility will feel a greater ownership in the business and will be more motivated to work harder to make the business succeed.” Magloff, L.

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