Essay On Lena Dunham

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“Feminist” has a negative connotation nowadays; we often times here people call feminists “feminazis,” “man haters,” or even just a “bitch.” Many people think that “feminism is anti- male” (Hooks). Many female celebrities stay hush about the issues surrounding females every day, but Lena Dunham is not one of them. Stemming from a family of artists, Lena became a writer, actress, producer, and director and was put in the spotlight. Instead of keeping hush about the world and Hollywood’s issues pertaining to the mistreatment of not only women, but those of different genders and other oppressed people as well. Lena Dunham shows her bold character and feminist visions by using her pedestal to speak out on social and political issues. Lena Dunham…show more content…
Lena is often described as the “voice of her generation” when it comes to women’s rights; but often times, Lena receives backlash from writers, social media goers, and interviewers. Many “aren’t [as] critical of the structure of society and aren’t necessarily thinking about other ways things could be” like Dunham is (Hamad et. al). Oftentimes people, especially men, feel threatened when Dunham uses her fame to boldly speak out of issues that many ignore; for example, Lena carries a “devotion to questioning sexual norms and norms of representation,” especially when looking at the “heteropatriarchal uses of female nudity and sexuality” in society today (Filippo 2016). Lena believes that porn oftentimes “[conceals] and [denies] women’s humanity” (Filippo 2016). Lena also spoke out on how Hillary Clinton’s political campaign was slashed using the patriarchal ideal, stating that “The way that Hillary Clinton’s been talked about in the media [was] so gendered and rabidly sexist in every single portrayal” (Staff 2016). Lena, being a woman, and also being a bold woman who speaks out about feminist issues that many ignore, receives large amounts of…show more content…
In this hate filled article, Lena’s body is described as “outright shocking, simply because we are not used to seeing anything like it, except perhaps in an Eddie Murphy comedy.” Placido then goes on to question if Dunham is “some sort of media-manipulating puppet master,” or if she is just “simply, annoying” (Placido 2015). This one instance of hate against Dunham shows how when a woman speaks out about issues that many ignore or even create themselves, women will receive hate. This hate oftentimes effects these outspoken women; many believe that hate is just a part of being a celebrity, but is a form of bullying when celebrities are repeatedly harassed. This harassment shows the “policing of women” and bullies may also use “threats to keep [women] silent” (Zeman). Studies show that “bully/victims had a slightly higher risk for anxiety, depression, psychotic experiences, suicide attempts and poor general health” (Wolke 2015). Dunham is not just a celebrity, she is a human being, going through her own struggles. When one is repeatedly hearing terrible rumors and remarks about themselves, self-loathing and anxiety can make its way into their
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