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Experiences are a very important part in one’s life. They teach us a number of things in life. As we all are different human beings and are brought up in different atmosphere and environment we react in a very different way due to different personalities and perceptions. We as individuals have a very different style of learning things. Different individuals learn things differently some learn through observations, while some learn through personal experiences. In short, it can be said as that different person’s different natures and styles nothing can in common. Our cultural and social influences also vary which also have some impact over our learning styles. Doctors, psychologists have come up with number subjective theories which talk about different styles of learning that an individual can have. Studies have come up with conclusions that learning styles depend on the personality of the individual. Since personality traits of each individual is different the learning styles is also different due to different working patterns that they have. The theories talk about three different types of learning styles, they are activists and reflectors and pragmatists.
During this module I was given a questionnaire to fill, after filling that questionnaire I learned about my learning style that is ACTIVIST LEARNING STYLE.

An activist learning style is a way of learning in that one will probably want to get involved in a project or specific assignment to develop the skills on the job. Activist learners will tend to act first and consider the consequences afterwards. They tend to thrive on the challenge of new experiences and involve themselves fully and without bias in new experience...

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... and dividing time accordingly and following it. IMPROVING MY GENERAL Reading newspaper
KNOWLEDGE daily.(Every day)

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