Essay On Leadership Styles Of Criminal Justice

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Like much other organization, the criminal justice system also uses many leadership styles to manage their team effectively. It is important for a manager to have certain required standards since the fundamental structure for ascertaining whether a leader is a performer or a non-performer. According to the victim of crime .org criminal justice is a set of agencies that is established by the federal government to control crime and impose penalties on those who violate the laws. Similarly, standards offer an opportunity to assess the candidates’ ethical practices. Leadership is one of the main keys to success in an organization as it helps in achieving organizational goals, aims, and values. As a result, various departments and agencies including…show more content…
Although the field of criminal justice is not much equipped with technological and computer-based equipment compared to other professions, quality candidates require having necessary information technology and other technical skills so as to perform the jobs very well. Various duties carried out in the criminal justice departments are computerized; therefore, computer skills are essential for a candidate to work in the chief’s office…show more content…
It is important that leaders can control and influence its subordinates or employees. For leaders achieve that they need to be knowledgeable, have good accreditation and as well as excellent reputation. This helps the leaders to be well respected by its employees. Since the criminal justice system operates in a chain of command, it is essential to possess all these qualities. Intellectual qualities enable leaders to attain respect from their subordinates, however, reducing the possibility of conflicts between the leader and his subordinate staff members. Therefore, officers need to be included in the leadership training to have such qualities. They include having knowledge of criminal justice, should be diverse with the ability for continuous learning, be computer literate and with knowledge of technology, fluent communicator, both verbally and in writing, and finally, the leader should be physically fit to sustain the strict justice

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