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The Ku Klux Klan has existed since the mid nineteenth century. The Klan has had periods membership numbered in the millions, whereas nowadays they do not have as much influence as in the past.What has ceased to change is the media depicting the Ku Klux Klan as a hateful group of bigots wanting to solely wipe out any non-white race. However, the media has not only surfaced many misconception but they fail to realize that the Klan is actually within US Constitutional rights. Because the Bill of Rights guarantees American citizens the freedom of speech and to peacefully assemble, the Ku Klux Klan has the right to continue their practices. With that being said, excluding some violent outburst conducted by Klan subgroups, no one has the right to stop the KKK from protesting, speaking their beliefs, or celebrating their heritage. BACKGROUND INFORMATION The Ku Klux Klan was founded in May of 1866, in Pulaski, Tennessee by six veterans of the Confederate Army. The early years of the Klan's existence were focused mainly on restoring white power in the government. The Klan often spoke against Radical Republicans, the political party that most supported the rights of former slaves. At first the Klan seemed relatively harmless. But as time went on, the so called white supremacists showed how far they were willing to go to fulfill their craving for America to go back to its former ways. According to the Klan members, the only requirement for being a part of the organization is to be Christian. As they see it, America is under attack by immigrants and foreign groups. To them it seems that it isn't right for races to mix because we would all melt into one race of "brown". The highest ranked members of the KKK are said to be led by divine provide... ... middle of paper ... ...portunity, and rightfully so. The KKK has given more than enough validation for why they believe that they are simply making an attempt to save the white race. Our forefathers were of the white race, and if the Klan makes the point that by not mixing races in terms of marriage would preserve American culture, it is actually a justified statement from that standpoint. Although many people, including myself, would not agree with their opinions, the Klan has the right to hold their own beliefs. The Bill of Rights will always be relevant. They were written with our citizens’ best interests in mind. It was our forefathers' responsibility to ensure that our country would always be free, even centuries after the amendments were written. The Klan, although their beliefs may not be those of the general public, have and will always have the right to preach their own opinions.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the media portrays the ku klux klan as a hateful group of bigots wanting to solely wipe out any non-white race. the bill of rights guarantees american citizens freedom of speech and to peacefully assemble.
  • Explains that the ku klux klan was founded in pulaski, tennessee by six veterans of the confederate army. the early years of its existence were focused mainly on restoring white power in the government.
  • Explains that the highest ranked members of the kkk are said to be led by divine providence, as they feel that god sent them to restore america's purity.
  • Explains that the ku klux klan is a non-violent group of christians trying to restore america's post-racial blending era.
  • Explains why the founding fathers believed that the people of the united states of america should be granted the right not only to assemble without fear of government officials, but to oppose government policy.
  • Opines that strong nations are known for having notoriously harsh political leaders. adolf hitler preached such a convincing platform that he was able to get an entire army, and essentially the entire nation of germany, to aid him in annihilating anyone
  • Opines that the klan's theory on racial blending not being good is a matter of opinion, and the first amendment should be respected when they choose to be open about their beliefs.
  • Argues that the ku klux klan is a religiously based group that wouldn't risk soiling their image.
  • Explains that hollywood portrays the kkk as bad, and many people choose to fall for the persuasion. the media promotes lifestyles and trends that are unreasonable and immoral.
  • Explains that the klan believes that mixing races is an idea that was rooted during biblical times and is not to be argued with.
  • Opines that the ku klux klan is still firm in its beliefs as it has been since the civil war ended. the first amendment encourages freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble.
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