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For over a hundred years, Korea has always been invaded, influenced and fought over by its large neighbors, but Korea fought back as one united nation. It can be dated back to 1904, when Japan and Russia, the two large powers in East Asia at that time, fought for control of the country. Russia was defeated and Japan used its victory to annex Korea in 1910. Then, World War Two came about, dismantling the power of the Japanese Empire and Korea became a victim of the Cold War. Korea was divided into two spheres of influence, along the 38th parallel. While Japan surrendered, the United States and the Soviet Union swooped in to claim the Korean peninsula. The United States claimed the South of the divided land, while the Soviet Union claimed the …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that korea was invaded, influenced and fought over by its large neighbors for over a hundred years. japan and russia, the two large powers in east asia at that time, used their victory to annex korea in 1910.
  • Explains that south korean president park geun-hye included the topic of korean unification in her speech that was held in germany.
  • Opines that the benefits of a korean unification outweigh its costs. korea will be more economically powerful and stable to trade internationally, thereby raising the gdp of korea.
  • Opines that the cost of the korean unification would be the time it would take to grow, and the loss of their current allies.
  • Explains that president park geun-hye is determined to establish a korean unification, which is in the interest of the united states, the un, and other large powers.
  • Explains the benefits of a peaceful unification, such as no war between the two regions and joining the international nonproliferation treaty.
  • Explains that a confederate state is similar to the united states' policy of incorporating eleven southern states to north korea.
  • Opines that the united states is a military ally to south korea, which means that if north korea goes to war, they will be backed by the great u.s armed forces.

Since the peninsula would be under the rule of one government, it can have reformed foreign policies, international trade and political rule that can benefit the economy of the peninsula. As a unified region, there can be more movement of people around the region, enabling more employment opportunities and more businesses that can impact both the export and import sector positively. Korea will be more economically powerful and stable to trade internationally, and this will increase the standard of living in Korea, thereby raising the GDP of Korea. The collaboration of the armed forces would be another great benefit because of the unification. The current North Korean army consists of almost 2 million people along with the large amounts of artillery they own. If they combine the two armed forces, this will make Korea a larger power in the East Asian region, than it is today. Overall, Korea will be able to compete more in international trade with the combined economic gains they will achieve from unification and also be a stronger power together, which will cause their neighbors such as China and Japan, to increase national security and watch out for the rise in power of the unified …show more content…

By hosting peace talks, South Korea can inform the North Korean regime of the benefits of a democratic rule and gain their interest of collaborating the two separated regions, into one unified Korea under the democratic rule of a combined Korean government. There can be many benefits as a result of a peaceful unification. The most important benefit is that there would be no war between the two regions. This would save a lot of bloodshed, the lives of innocent civilians and the extensive amount of resources such as money and reformation of the infrastructure that would be caused by the war. Also through a peaceful unification, the Korean region will have to join the International Nonproliferation Treaty, and this will either seize or suspend the nuclear weapons already owned by North

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