Essay On Knowledge Sharing

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Generally, information and knowledge is a powerful resource that enable organization and employees or individuals to achieve several benefits such as improved decision making, learning, general knowledge and level of understanding. Therefore, any organization public or private can get benefits from implement knowledge management on their organization. According to Tallman (2004), organization engaged in collaborative inter-organization business process need to distribute information and knowledge to upsurge their competitiveness, knowledge based and innovation. This statement directly explains that knowledge sharing is importance within organization to increase the organization productivity. Knowledge sharing using knowledge management portal…show more content…
Based on Zhang and Zhao declaration, we can underline the importance of knowledge for organization by pointing out that the sum of knowledge acquired externally and internally creates a sustainable resource for maintaining competitive advantage to the organization. In additional, knowledge among the employees plays an important role not only in overall performance but also in the competitiveness of the organization. To get a maximum impact from this knowledge management tools, each employees should interact and share implicit and explicit knowledge with each other. Hence, all employee can improve their capacity to define a situation or problem, and apply their knowledge for to problem solving. Undeniable nowadays, knowledge sharing is a curial issue in any…show more content…
All of these services and function allow employees to share information and knowledge with other employees and management. In addition, other incorporate also can use of topic tags or title to make previous shared knowledge information more searchable. Besides that, this allows employees to share and seek information about common problems related with the job scope and minimize the need for supervisors to step in. Thus, it is a good idea to give employees the skill to communicate on a company-wide level. Knowledge sharing tends to occur more among employees who have similar positions. Such positions can be in the same department of the company or hierarchy across departments in the organization. To having a company-wide intranet service, it would be wise to create department-focused groups within your intranet so employees can easily share relevant and applicable knowledge with their expert
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