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‘’That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow." Consider knowledge issues raised by this statement in two areas of knowledge. Persuasion of knowledge differentiates animates from inanimate. Exploration and interpretation of knowledge is an important attribute of human intelligence. Broadly speaking, the term knowledge implies comprehension, in entirety, of a fact or an experience at that given point of time. The scientific, religious, philosophical or any other community relates knowledge with the object of understanding. Knowledge is generally obtained through four ways of knowing – reasoning, through five senses of perception, emotional feelings and the language of communication. knowledge also depends on the individuals’ power of understanding, experience, objectivity and emotional disposition. These qualities associated with knowledge impart it an element of dynamism. A dynamic process always remains subject to changes, challenges, corroborations and re-confirmations almost on a daily basis. Humans are psycho-somatically driven by the hunger for knowledge. While Plato considered knowledge as a justified true belief relevant to any area of subject like science, humanities, art, religion and technology, the modern thinkers like Nonaka and Takeuchi had amplified the dynamic nature of knowledge and linked it to the individuals’ capacity for effective action in their theory of organizational knowledge creation. Whether a given body of knowledge is temporary or provisional in nature depends on how healthy its facts and foundations are and how good it can explain itself to the new challenges and perspectives in the course of advancement, re-interpretation and new evidences and other changes. Neverthele... ... middle of paper ... ...his knowledge issue is that the existing knowledge may at a particular point get discarded but re-emerge and revalidated in the light of some more new experiments. For instance, it was thought initially in India that cold pressed oils extracted from ground nuts, linseed, coconut, mustard, castor and flax seeds are good for health and were widely used from ancient times. Due to commercial and capitalistic mode of supply and demand, it was widely publicized in late 1970’s that refined oils like sunflower; corn, palm etc. are good for heart and therefore better for health and cold pressed oils were discouraged. Of late, researchers worldwide have concluded that the cold pressed oils ranging from olive to sesame are not only good for heart but are also beneficial for general health with multiple benefits. The same are now being purchased at much higher prices! *****

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