Essay On Karen Horney Theory

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Karen Horney, a psychoanalytic theorist, established one of the top recognized concepts of neurosis. Horney alleged that neurosis stemmed from simple anxiety produced by interpersonal relationships. Horney’s theory suggests that schemes used to handle anxiety can be overworked, triggering them to take on the presence of needs. According to Horney, simple anxiety can result from a variation of things such as “direct or indirect domination, indifference, erratic behavior, lack of respect for the child's individual needs, lack of real guidance, disparaging attitudes, too much admiration or the absence of it, lack of reliable warmth, having to take sides in parental disagreements, too much or too little responsibility, over-protection, isolation from other children, injustice, discrimination, unkept promises, hostile atmosphere, and so on and so on" (Horney, 1945). The ten neurotic needs classified by Horney can be categorized into three general categories. The first category “needs that move you towards another,” is the neurotic needs that cause individuals to pursue confirmation and approval from others. These needs are frequently labeled as clingy or needy as they pursue out approval and love. The second category “needs that move you away from others,” is the neurotic needs generate aggression and antisocial conduct. These individuals are regularly described as emotionless, uninterested, and standoffish. The third category, “needs that move you against others,” is the neurotic needs that cause anger and a necessity to govern other individuals. These individuals are at times labeled as problematic, authoritarian, and unfriendly. Stable individuals employ all three of these schemes, shifting attention depending on inner and ... ... middle of paper ... ...istence can be accomplished by pursuing their inner being. She believed that we “cannot solve the ills of the world," (Horney, 1942) but therapy can help individuals by identifying their compulsions. Psychoanalysis therapy can definitely assist individuals by giving you the opportunity to focus and guide ad individual towards better development. Horney states “the strength of the resisting forces and the strength of the self to deal with them” (Horney, 1942). Perusing ones self-cognizance can assist the neurotic by directing you mind to a significant point of view. This can be accomplishes as long the individual takes into consideration their environmental backgrounds. This can assist an individual by recognizing who they really are. It is imperative that people set personal guidelines and goals to strive for a healthier, durable and fruitful consciousness.
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