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Define Kantian deontology, and give an example. Why is deontology a moral principle?

Kantian deontology is defined as a system of beliefs based off morals. Kant concluded that rationality can only decide what the guidelines of morality are. Kantian’s ideology came from human reason. He believes that people’s consequences and emotions shouldn’t play a part in moral actions. Instead, he believes when taking action it should depend on obligations and well thought out. He defines good will by abiding by moral codes and guidelines. For example, let's say I am cooking and last minute the recipe calls for milk. I go next door and ask my neighbor for a gallon of milk and promise to buy one back to give to her. I have no intention of buying her milk, but I was desperate to borrow it to finish cooking. According to Kantian deontology I wouldn’t be abiding by his moral codes …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Defines kantian deontology as a system of beliefs based off morals. kant concluded that rationality can only decide what the guidelines of morality are.
  • Explains utilitarianism is an ethical theory that focuses on a large number of people's happiness in society, which is considered the highest good.
  • Analyzes how darryl pullman defends a universal moral principle that has been used in history over time.
  • Analyzes decker's argument that there are no universal ethical principles, but questions if they're considered universal principles.
  • Explains that moral relativism refers to all categories of anthropology, cognitive science, and other disciplines. different principles are unique because of their history and where they originated from.
  • Opines that decker and kantians have two different views on ethics and use history to make their claims.

He uses human dignity to give support for outlining general moral principle. The General moral principle is defined as a group of principles that are either right or wrong, and favorable by a person or group. Pullman comes to explain that human dignity is still being used in national and international moral codes. I believe in order to have human dignity we need to have respect for ourselves individually, and as a whole in the human race. Pullman also brings up a point that health care and health research still abides by these principles. He uses an example from Downie + Telfer referring to the principles that exercises actions as truth telling and promise keeping. Which are necessities for morality. He also uses the term particularism which believes that there are no general universal moral codes that apply to every culture. Particularists look at things the opposite way saying what is right or wrong is related culturally or

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