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After taking the Jung Typology test I have summarized each of the individual personality types that corresponded to the ISTJ personality type that I was given. The validity of them along with any disagreements of them I have are included. In this paper I have a discussion of how these personality types are used to my advantage at work and how I have learned to work with my weaknesses. I believe that this type of personality test, along with learning how to use the information, is something every transformative leader must have in order to be successful. Step 1 I-Introverted The first letter of the Jung Typology Test has me listed as 22% introvert. I believe that most of the people that know me, outside of work, would agree with…show more content…
The key to any personality is to understand where your weaknesses are and to be willing to work around them. I have learned to understand that I am an introvert, but know that I cannot allow that part to dominate at work without risking the performance of my job. I have also ensured that those close to me, at home and at work, know that I am an introvert, so that when they see me withdrawing they understand why and no one takes it personal. Luckily my job has had all of the leaders in classes so that we have all had our personalities discussed openly among us. This has helped us all take advantage of our individual personalities and helped us learn how to deal with others that are different. All my peers know that I like to think about things before I act and that I have expectations of how we should all be performing at work. Understanding my personality has been a blessing to me. It has allowed me to not withdraw to far, and to jokingly let others know that I will withdraw at times. I now realize that introverts can seem aloof to others and that I have to make an effort at times so that other leaders know that I am willing to help. My wife stated that this did not help, since she already knew this about me. We once had an argument about going on vacation. She stated, “If it was up to you we wouldn’t go anywhere”. I was unsure if the argument was over or who had one, because she was exactly right. I would…show more content…
I am a Director of a Radiology department in a community hospital. Early in my management career I struggled on how to handle issues with other directors. I would see how they dealt with certain issues and wonder if I would handle them the same way, or if my way was wrong. In leaning about personality types I have learned that there are reasons that we all handle issues differently. My organization has committed to putting the leaders into leadership classes over the last several years. At least half of the directors have been in a class where we have gone over our different personalities and our leadership styles. This has helped us understand each other much better. Knowing someone else’s “why” will allow you to come up with a compromise that will help both of you. You realize that the other person is not just out to get ahead at your expense. Specifically, I had a fellow director that would rarely give me any extra help on Wednesdays when my area was usually busy. At first, I thought that she was just being selfish and refusing to help, even though she would come to me at other times for help in her area. After sitting in that leadership class and talking to her I realized that she was just concerned about the productivity of her area on those days. We were able to work out a compromise that helped her area stay efficient and got my area some much needed help. At the end of chapter one “Type Talk” discuss

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