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John Lennon’s effect on the world was brilliant and his legacy still lives on. All throughout his time he accomplished many things, and definitely made the world a better place. With the music, the peaceful things he did, and everything in between. His message was peace, love, and happiness. Lennon was brilliant and deserves more credit than what he gets. He left an impact that changed the world. John was born october 9,1940 in Liverpool, England during a british air raid in world war 2. His dad wasn’t there to see his birth and wasn't there much after his birth either because he was a ship man. Growing up in a working-class family, Lennon was only with his parents for awhile, then he moved in with his Aunt Mimi after his parents split up. In the book John Lennon “imagine” it says, “John’s middle name was given to him in honor of Britain's recently appointed prime minister, Winston Churchill.” (Burlingame, pg.6) John’s parents, Julia and Fred Lennon, separated when he was two, and John’s mom was hit by a bus and killed when he was 17 years old. His mom hadn't been around that much but was missed greatly after the tragedy. John Lennon had two wives. “Lennon had married Cynthia Powell in August 1962 and they had a son together who they called Julian, named after Johns mother. They divorced in 1968 and he remarried Japanese avant-garde artist Yoko Ono.” (“John Lennon Biography”) Some say that Lennon and Ono had an affair and that is why Cynthia and John got a divorce. “Lennon and Ono had been corresponding since he had met the artist at a 1966 showing of her work at the indica gallery in London.” (“John Lennon”) “In May 1968, Ono went to his house in Weybridge and recorded the tapes that would be released as Two Virgins. ... ... middle of paper ... ...e helped the world with war by promoting peace, and making everyone happy with his music. On December 8 1980 Lennon was shot 5 times by Mark David Chapman.("John Lennon Biography") Just earlier that day, Chapman had gotten Lennon's autograph. Lennon was shot in his back with 4 bullets. Lennon was 40 when he died, shot with hollow-point bullets, pronounced dead on arrival to the Roosevelt hospital. Cause of death was hypovolemic shock after losing too much blood. There wasn't a funeral and he was cremated. John Lennon accomplished many things and was a wonderful person. With his peace campaigns, changing rock music forever, giving out the message of make love. . . not war. With his distinct voice, his great songs, and his beautiful messages, all together he has changed the world in big and in small ways. John Lennon’s legacy lives on and will continue to live on.
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