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Muslims believe that God is the one and only and the reason of their existence as stated in the Qu’ran. Muslims believe that God or as know in Islam, Allah created everything. Allah is the reason of existence of everything in the universe and the purpose of being. The purpose of an Islam is to worship Allah, to love and be selfless with others. ( All people are created equal and there is no one better than another no matter their race, religions and nationality. No matter how different the person is no one is to be judged on factors they could not choose such as gender, color and size. ( Islam is a religion that is peaceful and does not believe in the discrimination against others. They find that all life is sacred no matter the differences. Muslims follow a peaceful religion for the betterment of themselves and others in the society, this is called jihad. Jihad has many different meaning to the western world and to the Muslims. In the recent years jihad, has been misinterpreted due to the modern world and certain Islamic Groups, who have interpreted jihad in a negative way.

Jihad is many times misinterpreted by the Western culture to mean the holy war. However this interpretation is sometimes misunderstood. In reality the word jihad mean the struggle or to strive, to improve one self internally and externally. ( Jihad is the struggle one faces to fight against their own evil inclinations and to strive to improve society and one self. It’s the inner fight for self-defense and to become a better individual. Jihad defines many different struggles Muslims must conquer during their lifetime. The Qu’ran states four different degree’s of how to seek jihad. (ab...

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...It is obvious that the Qu’ran passages regarding Jihad have been interpreted to allow the use of violence against others including the innocent, women, and children and unarmed. These groups are following an evil that is not related to jihad on the contrary it is the cause of wicked minds that think selfishly and only regards their own interest. These individuals are not using jihad for the betterment of themselves and the society, on the contrary they terrorize the world. They are aware of the criminal acts they commit and feel no remorse or empathy to the innocent lives killed. The Jihadis and the modern world have unfortunately tainted jihad. For those who follow jihad and the Qu’ran with faith and spiritual connection for the benefit of the society it is just the beginning of a long road to change the mentality of many who believe jihad is the “holy war”
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