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“Jesse Owens an American Life” was written by William J. Baker, and published in 1986. In this book Baker captures the high and low points of Jesse Owens life, from birth in Alabama all the way to Berlin, Germany, where he competed in track and field during the 1936 Olympics. Jesse Owens was the last of his 10 siblings to be born on, September 12, 1913. James Cleveland Owens (Jesses full name), was born to Henry Cleveland Owens and Emma Fitzgerald-Owens, in Oakville, Alabama. Henry Owens was a sharecropper in Alabama, and Emma Owens was a stay at home mother. Henry Owens made little money from sharecropping but it brought home a lot of food. The Owens’s regularly went to the Oakville Missionary Baptist Church, where Henry Owens was the deacon at. Emma Owens was the family’s religious enthusiast, and made the children memorize a different bible verse each week. At the age of nine Jesse and his family packed up, and left Alabama for Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland is where he first enrolled in Bolton Elementary School. The story is known that Bolton Elementary is where Jesse got the name” Jesse”. At home Jesse’s mother called him “J.C.” for short, so in reply to his teacher asking for his name, Jesse replied “J.C. Owens” in an unclear southern accent. Therefore the teacher understood his name to be Jesse, and the name has stuck ever since. After Bolton he would attend Fairmount Junior High School, there he would meet his wife Minnie Ruth Solomon, and his longtime coach ,mentor, and father figure Charles Riley. Jesse Owens and Charles Riley developed a father and son like relationship outside of school. Riley often brought Jesse breakfast, and on Sunday afternoons Riley regularly drove Jesse to his house for lunch .In junior high sch... ... middle of paper ... ...edom are a rich legacy to his fellow Americans." Jesse will go down as one of the greatest track and field runners of all time, but his most significant accomplishment with be, the many hearts he touched through his help in society and his speeches of inspiration to the masses. In conclusion I enjoyed reading this book, learning about Jesse Owens and his journey to fame. Any athlete striving to be the best, but are facing obstacles would appreciate this book the most. This book is inspiring to me, being a track and field athlete myself, dealing with the struggles of a middle class family, I too hope to someday compete in the Olympics through my hard work, dedication, and my natural God given ability to run. Nevertheless despite all the records he held, and the medals earned his greatest accomplishment was the many lives he made a difference in throughout his life.

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