Essay On Jean Watson's Caring Theory

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Nursing Theory Analysis: Watson’s Caring Model The theory of human care or the Jean Watson’s Caring Model, as the name suggests, was a nursing theory that was developed by Dr. Jean Watson, a professor of nursing in the University of Colorado (Watson, J., 2014). It is quite apparent that Dr. Watson’s education played a significant and important part in the development of her human caring theory. Being educated both in Nursing and Psychology, Dr. Watson was able to apply her knowledge in the field of mental health and human emotions to the nursing profession. According to her biographical information, she earned both her nursing and psychology degrees in the University of Colorado in the 1960s (Cara, C., n.d.). She went on to master in psychiatric-mental…show more content…
Watson’s caring theory was developed between 1975 and 1979 while she was teaching nursing in the University of Colorado (Watson, J., 2014). Accordingly, the theory emerged as a product of her views of the nursing profession and her studies in clinical and social psychology (Watson, J., 2014). Out of her experience as an educator, Dr. Watson believes that the curriculum of nursing in the University of Colorado as well as with other nursing schools in the country can still be improved. For the same reason, Dr. Watson tried to reconcile known knowledge and practices in nursing with her knowledge on human psychology in order to “bring meaning and focus to nursing as an emerging discipline and distinct health profession that had its own unique values, knowledge, and practices, and its own ethic and mission to society” (Watson, J.,…show more content…
Retroduction argumentation is defined as the ability to “render striking and unusual events ordinary and predictable, by fitting them into the patterns suggested by concomitances” (Retroduction, n.d.). A Retroduction argument looks for patterns in occurrences and establishes them as universal truths. Retroduction arguments may not be as strong as deductive and inductive arguments but it is an essential process in developing and discovering new ideas. Retroduction can be tested using deduction or induction though. If examined closely, nothing is relatively new with Watson’s concepts since caring, as a moral value, is already considered universally as good. Also, most of Watson’s concepts are already being observed by most nurses in the practice of their profession. What Watson did though is to generalize and to standardize what she observed is nursing’s best practices. In line with retroduction, Watson tried to arrange known nursing practices and principles in order to establish its concomitance or relationship with the human healing
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