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Italian Culture
The country of Italy is one that is rich with culture and beauty. They are home to the capital of Rome, often called the Eternal City, which was founded in 753 BC and holds some of the world's richest history. Today, Italy's relationship with the United States is considered friendly. The U.S. has had diplomatic representation in Italy, as well as its predecessor nation, the Kingdom of Sardinia, since 1840. In addition, Italy is host to several U.S. military forces in some of its more major cities. These include Army bases in the cities of Vicenza and Livorno, and an Air Force base out of Aviano. The U.S. also has an extensive Navy presence in Sigonella, Gaeta, and Naples, which are home port to the U.S. Navy's Sixth Fleet.
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The country itself is a peninsula, with more than 7,600 km (4,722 miles) of coastline, that's shape is often compared to a boot. Italy is bordered to the North by Switzerland, France, and Slovenia. The Northern border also includes the coastline of the Ligurian Sea. To the East of Italy is the Adriatic Sea which separates Italy from Croatia and smaller parts of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania. The Southern border is surrounded by the Ionian Sea which also contains several of Italy's islands. Located on the Western coast of Italy is the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is an extension of the Mediterranean Sea. Italy has many islands, the majority of which are volcanic in origin. The largest of these include Sicily and Sardegna. There are also several smaller islands such as Capri, Elba, and Ischia. The islands contribute to the total area of Italy, which is 301,340 km. The majority of this area ( about 52%) is agricultural. Less than 5% is urban environment and the remaining land is mostly woods with very small portions of wetlands and water. The landscape of Italy is composed of many hills and mountains. The Alps form a northern boundary and the Apennine Mountains form the backbone of the peninsula making Italy almost 40% mountainous. The elevation ranges from 4,807.5 m to -3.44 m. The country's three active volcanoes, Vesuvius, Etna, and Stromboli, can be found within the southern…show more content…
The Italian origin comes from Latin and roots of many words are recognizable. There are many other spoken languages, the most popular of which include German, French, and Latin in some northern regions. There are several other less popular languages, many of which are spoken only in very small populations. More than 98% of the population can read and write, making the country highly literate. The Italian language is considered very beautiful and is often used in opera by composers around the world. It should be noted that English is not often spoken and the most reliable and well known language is
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