Essay On Islamism

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Islamism has been debated largely and widely in the academic and public arenas. The term Islamism can refer to the various forms of political and social activism that advocate for the private and public lives that are guided by the Islamic principles. More specifically, Islamism refers to the movements that are implemented through the Sharia laws (Davidson, 2013). The term Islamism is interchangeably used with the Islamic fundamentalism and political Islam terms. The western media uses the term to refer to the groups that aim to develop groups whose aim is to establish Islam states that are Sharia based. The western media usually associate the Islam states with human rights violations and violent tactics. The term has therefore been associated with political activism. Since the modern states gained independence, the Islamist movements have been to have changed the Middle East more than any other trend, consequently redefining the even and the political borders (Bahramitash, 2003). These essays will critically analyze the assumptions of Islamism as a civil, political movement versus Islamic fundamentalism and how it relates to the Iran’s Islamic revolution and the Islamic dictatorial regime. This essay will also investigate critically, the Islamist-Jihad terrorism/insurgencies (Al-Qaeda, Afghanistan, Iraq) and how they are regarded as threats to the United States western security since the 9/11 terrorist attacks that took place in the United States and the later ones that took place in the Europe and the whole world. There are clear distinctions between political life and religious faith according to civil democracy in philosophical and moral ways. Under such modern conditions, however, the politics and religious views are ho... ... middle of paper ... ...nked to al-Qaeda, and they have been linked to many attacks around the globe. For example, there was a bombing of the subway in London in 2005 that killed fifty-six people. All these groups conform to the principles of Islamism (Moallem, 2005). Conclusively, Islamism has led to controversies that have resulted from defining the terms to use when describing the groups of people who justify the actions of terror and violence using the interpretation of Islam religion. For example, many people, especially in the United States, make a point of saying Islamic terrorists with the aim of highlighting the perceived links between the Islamic fundamentalism and the violence. In the above critical analysis, the term Islamist refers to the advocates or supporters of a political movement that favors the reordering governance and the society according to the laws defined by Islam.
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