Essay On Is China A Dangerous Superpower

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InNei Chio
Kenneth Fraunce
May 14, 2014
Is China Becoming a Dangerous Superpower?
There are many facts showing that United States of America has been the leading world superpower since the end of World War II. However, recently, the rate of development experienced in China has been frightening; there are statistics showing that China’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is so high that it could exceed USA in a few years. The concern, however, has been that China is underdeveloped and not mature enough to handle the responsibility of becoming a superpower. Some policymakers in the USA stated that China is increasingly assertive have perpetuated this assertion (Acemoglu and James 34). They further indicate that an assertive China is likely to support abusive regimes in its self-interest, threaten war, and support policies that do not depict international cooperation while ignoring global objectives such as sustainability of the environment and public health. Any country that rises to the position of being a superpower should be able to take over the responsibilities associated with a superpower, especially promoting global peace and international cooperation. China is proving to be a dangerous superpower because its ideologies and policies on international issues do not show a rational superpower.
In the book, Why Nations Fail, Acemoglu and James (20) assert that China’s leaders are “extractive” characterized by corruption and parasitism. They proceed to predict a decline in Chinese economic growth. This is unlike the US “inclusive” policies and governing institutions that have helped strengthen nations across the world while promoting peace and international cooperation. The main concern is the one-party rule in China, which they as...

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... and ideologies. Its governing system is worrying and the trend that the nation is undertaking seems to be headed for disaster as opposed to safety (Kenny).
China is proving to be a dangerous superpower because its ideologies and policies on international issues do not depict a rational superpower. A superpower has the responsibility to unite nations and promote peace because it has recognition across the world, and other nations are willing to listen to the superpower. China has depicted negativity and lack of interest in uniting the world, but instead taken actions that are bent towards war and terror across the world. In addition, it has gone against the moral expectations of all nations by supporting the countries that violate human rights. Chinese leaders need to reassess their actions and ensure that they take their responsibility as an upcoming superpower.
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