Essay On Irrational Love

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Shakespeare and Irrational Love Exploratory Essay - Emma Linklater Love can mean so many different things. It is unconditional, selfless, accepting; an addictive feeling people crave. When a person falls in love, they fall in love with their heart and not their head. It’s an impulse from emotion, not rational judgement. Love is sometimes beyond control, defying logical reason. It is beautiful and insane all at once and doesn’t always make sense. Love and irrationality are set as the same, however rival entities, in a Midsummer’s Dream. As Shakespeare wrote, “ say the truth, reason and love keep little company together nowadays.” This is communicated through the story, specifically through four teenage lovers -- Hermia, Helena, Demetrius, and Lysander. Love’s irrationality was first conveyed by Hermia from her disobedience to her father, simply because of her love for Lysander. Her father clearly wanted her to marry Demetrius; putting death upon her if she didn’t oblige to his wishes. Now, Lysander and Demetrius both are displayed as good contenders, so her loving one over the other, against family wishes, seems ludicrous. Nevertheless this did not stop her, as she might as well have been dead than not be with her true love. Logically, it does not make sense to put herself in harm’s way over someone else, but love doesn’t know logic. The science behind love proves why it is not rational and therefore, neither are people experiencing it. As a person falls in love, many parts and chemicals of the brain change, specifically a rise of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. As studies have shown, the same chemicals released in the brain while exposed to love, are the same as those released in the brain in addiction, or while und... ... middle of paper ... ...the audience.It would make sense that he wanted us to believe that although love is all over the place, at some point it will finally make sense, and then can become so beautiful. There were parts in a Midsummer’s Dream I could connect to, and some that seem to only happen in fairytales. I’m young. For this reason, according to some people I have no idea what love is, and maybe they’re right and I don’t. However, I know I’ve been in situations that looking back on my actions made no sense, because of someone else. Times where I truly thought I was in love, and let myself believe that my world was going to end without that someone else in it; I was being irrational, but that’s what love did to me. Just as I felt, Hermia also experienced in the beginning of Act One. She conveyed that she’d rather be put to death by her father than be with someone other than her love.
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