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iPads: A Classroom's Downfall
Many people call this moment in time the technological age, but the question is, is that benefiting us or dragging us down? Schools across America have switched from textbooks and pencils to the iPad. Some people think this is a genius idea, but what is really going on behind the screen of the iPad while the teachers backs are turned? How much attention is focused on school work and how much is focused on games, social networking, and messaging? The idea of the iPad is great and if used correctly could be very beneficial, but all the extra amusement that comes along with it can diminish the learning aspect. Students get distracted, confused, and careless when having an iPad during class. iPads should be used outside of the classroom. Books, pencils, paper, and focus are the school materials that help one succeed. iPads cause distraction, ruin the students ability to think for themselves, and bring on a lot of other unneeded issues. Technology is getting more and more advanced everyday. Everywhere you go, you will see, hear, and use technology. Each week, it seems as though some company has come out with "the next big thing" that everyone wants to get their hands on. Technology runs our lives, and when we let it interfere with our studies, it can be a major downfall. Giving a student an iPad is like giving candy to a small child. Students have the ability to shop, play games, talk to friends, take pictures, and do many other things without having to get out of their seat. When interviewing twelve students at Borgia High School, each one of them said that they have been on other applications during school when they shouldn't be. Students find it a struggle to pay attention in cla...

... middle of paper ... should be removed from the classroom. They should not replace the old way of learning. iPads cause a distraction, make it hard for students to think for themselves, can have technological glitches that can set off an entire day of lesson plans, and are very costly. If one was to watch a student in class all day, then they would see that iPads are not a good idea. Textbooks, pencils, paper, and concentration should be entered back into the classroom and iPads taken out. Having an iPad is like a trap, once you learn all that it can do, you can't help yourself but to keep digging deeper until you are completely trapped and it has taken your attention from what really matters. Schoolwork, social skills, and learning are what matter, not the latest game or Facebook. By removing the iPad from the classroom, it will not only benefit the student, but also the teachers.
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