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Interpersonal skills

The first one on the list is (Active) Listening, which means to be fully concentrated on what is being said, in other words giving full attention to the speaker. This is one of the most fundamental components of interpersonal skills and communication, and the one example of how this skill could be useful in business; is from self-experience. As I work in retail, there are a lot of times that the operational manager comes up to me and gives me directions in a certain department and how she wants it to looks like etc. While she’s giving me directions and explaining it to me, I nod my head in agreement, make eye contact, and sometimes I’d slant my head. This is useful, because my non-vernal signs gives the manager (speaker)
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For example, if someone is being interviewed for a job in a field this *someone has no experience in and then the manager asks: “why should I hire you for a job in which you happen to have no experience in?” This is an example of an assertive manager. The manager is being honest, and clearly letting the potential employee know what he/she is thinking. I believe assertiveness leads to good business relationships, because people can say “no”, when they see they can’t accomplish certain things in time or accurately. This skill could be used in business because “Assertiveness is one of the most important skills to master in order to decrease stress related to poor boundaries with others.”(Flannery, B. (2015, January 10)) By being assertive one can express themselves clear, logical, and with common sense. The website that gives instructions on how to develop this skill…show more content…
This skill could be used in business is by persuading someone to become the leader of a group project. For example: the group had agreed on the ideal type of person, and there were two obvious candidates within the group, Sue and Steven. Sue suggested that Steven should take on the task, and he accepted happily. Decision made. Everyone smiled, except for one member of the group, John. John, who had until that moment been silent, said: “Steven, don’t forget to let us know what you want us to do to help. With your new job, you’re going to have a lot on, and you’ll need to make sure you get us organized or we won’t get it all done.” Steven looked thoughtful, and then said, “You know, on reflection, I’m not sure I’ve got time to do this as well as starting my new job. I have got a lot on, as you say. Maybe it would be better if Sue did it.” Everyone looked at Sue, who said that she would take it on if the group wanted. They all agreed that would be best. This example shows that persuasion in business can mostly be a good thing. It allowed the group to come together and decided and who would have a better outcome for the group. Persuasion is a great key to communication business or for personal use. The website that gives instructions on how to develop this skill is:
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