Essay On Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal communication is one of the significant skills while communicating with other individuals. It normally covers an extensive area and includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. Body language and facial expression may affect the accurateness of the message transmission directly. Interpersonal communication skills normally ensure that the message is sent and received correctly without any alteration thus improving the communication efficiency. Learning diverse aspects of interpersonal communication has greatly aided me in better understanding of what it consists. I am capable of applying the knowledge gained from this course to my personal experiences. This paper reflects on my personal experience in learning interpersonal communication. The interpersonal communication class was just awesome in that I learned many diverse aspects from understanding nonverbal communication and interpersonal communication. The semester was filled with different activities that helped us to enhance our interpersonal communication skills. For instance, in every week, we had discussion post and reflection questions on what we had learnt. This course has been of great essence to me because I have discovered considerable information regarding interpersonal communication. I am now capable of dealing with conflicts from my personal experiences. One of the significant aspects which we discussed in an online class regarded friendship and the stages of friendship development. Among these stages included moving toward friendship, stabilized friendship, friendly relations, and nascent friendship. I was able to clearly understand each of these stages. I could relate this to how my friendship with one of my friend had developed. This gave me a... ... middle of paper ... ... away some strong connects with the other person because you are not face to face with that person. Social Media is a new technique that we are all getting used to and day by day we are all growing more towards to social media world for different relationships. In conclusion, my experience with this class was very positive. After undertaking this course, a lot of things have changed. For instance, my relationship with my husband has greatly improved and I am able to view social media in a more optimistic manner. The course actually aided my understanding of particular aspects of interpersonal communication that I never understood before. The course did not leave me empty, but I am now intelligent than before and nonjudgmental. I feel that my communication skills have greatly been improved and thus I can be able to express my thoughts and ideas more effectively.
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