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James White Mrs. Shuping English 2 28, March, 2014 During World War II Japanese Americans were placed in internment camps. The internment Camps were poorly built. They lived in barracks, and sometimes whole families would have to live in one room cells. The weather conditions were not favorable either. Like Manzanar and Tule Lake in California where the weather is mostly frigid. The internment camps were surrounded with barb wire, and guard towers. Some Japanese Americans filed lawsuits, but that didn’t stop the internment. “The barracks consisted of tar paper over two-by-sixes and no insulation. Many families were assigned to one barracks and lived together with no privacy. Meals were taken communally in mess halls and required a long wait in line” (“Historical Overview”) . There were only ten Internment Camps and over 127,000 Japanese Americans within the ten camps. The ten camps were located in Amache (Granada), Colorado, Gila River, Arizona, Heart Mountain, Wyoming, Jerome, Arkansas, Manzanar, California, Minidoka, Idaho, Poston (aka Colorado River), Arizona, Rohwer, Arkansa...

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