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The impact of internet communication on social life of teenagers Does internet communication have influences on social life of teenager? Introduction Nowadays the technology have great impact on our life. Life without computer, without some electronic gadgets and of course without internet seems unreal. Internet used by different people which purposes also different: online banking, online shopping, communication with friends, play videogames an so on. Young generation, I mean teenagers can not imagine their days, homework without one of the most significant modern technology – Internet. That is why young people play the vital role when we talk about influence nowadays technology. When we say about teenagers social life the first thing which came to my mind was social networking, especially all online chats, social networks. I am interesting in this topic because I use internet communication very often. Before doing Global Perspectives I do not exactly thing about this problem but now I take thought about how it affect on our life (teenagers life) and does this affect positive or negative? That is why I choose this topic. Context These are the advantages of using social networks .Teenagers in their free time like to spend in most popular these days social web sites. They can easily communicate with their friend which in other part of the world. Also you can go to online shopping with your friends , using the same websites, to communicate with each other cameras or microphones , and the same thing they do while you go to real shopping. One more advantages to communicate with many people in one time any it saved a lot of time, but if you not use it for the one purpose and have addiction you loose a majority time not useful for y... ... middle of paper ... ...ges and disadvantages of internet communication? To this question people give me more disadvantages than advantages and give more wide answers. They thing that internet communication have more disadvantages than advantages. As a results of this project work it is possible to conclude that primary research give us approximately the same results with the firstly research. The internet say that the main advantage is to communicate with people who live in other place in other country without any problem, the same way, the audience, which I surveyed, answered as well. The internet says that children prefer face to face communication to online communication the same way, people are surveyed by me answered that they want to communicate face to face. Internet say that one of the disadvantages of internet communication is cyber bulling and people which I surveyed

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