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Is the internet changing, shaping and developing the public international legal system?
The internet has evolved from just being a search engine where people just look up information to being a tool for providing information about matters that concern the law. The internet greatly differs from other internet technologies, in that it is global. A singe web page’s publications can be viewed all over the world at the same time.
Besides being global, the internet is a cheap platform to share legal information and publications and also participate in legally connected political forums and dialogue. Perrit (1998) asserts that this empowers smaller groups who feel disfavoured within domestic arenas, helping them network and connect to each other across national boundaries, in turn forming and developing NGOs.
This paper seeks to look at the international public law and its development in connection to the internet. It sets out to answer the question: ‘is the internet changing, shaping and developing the public international legal system and if so, how?’ To answer this question, we shall look at the roles, importance, advantages and disadvantages of the internet in the development of public international law, with a supportive case study.
Role of the internet in development of Public International Law
According to Perritt, new international institutions are emerging due to public international law, and these institutions exercise various legal powers, and only allow state parties to participate in legal matters. The need to allow non state parties to participate has arisen, as Non Governmental Organizations NGOs) play an important role in international law.
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...he internet to communicate state decisions made within treaties. Furthermore, internet utilized by NGOs improves their work in the invocation and purposeful functions. They do this by constructing on internet information systems connecting the media, rebels, and governments. When infringements of international laws are identified by NGOs, they focus their concentration on this using the internet. They do so through electronic mails and internet pages, and put a spotlight on the violators through blacklists. They also create derivative pressure against those sustaining relations with the violators. An example of this happened with the Organization of Economic Boycott of Myanmar for Human Rights Violations. The pressure for Pepco and others to pull out from Myanmar was facilitated exclusively by NGOs. They intensively utilized the internet to facilitate the boycott.

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