Essay On International Society

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This definition of International Society is from perspective of realist. In short, the basic idea of international society is the society which individual and states shape to live in with the social elements of realism raw logic of anarchy.(Buzan 2001) Moreover, the main frame of International society is about the two concepts which are pluralism and solidarism and how these concepts define international society. Pluralism is about the political distinction and difference. In this concept, international society based on shared concerns of international order such as anarchy, sovereignty, diplomacy and nonintervention. Pluralism underlines the instrument side of international society to balance the excessive disorder threat in an international anarchy. While, Solidarism is about the shared norms in international society such as limitation things on the use of force, and acceptable “standard of civilization” with regards of human rights and states and civilization relationship. In this notion, sovereignty can also consider as many degrees of political convergence (as in the EU). (Buzan 2001) These two concepts play key role in the definition of international society because they are linked together to outline the key theory of international society. In short, both concepts agree that International society is the states system with common agreed rules, values and institutions (Bellmay 1975).
Regarding the existence of International society, it is worth considering the role of international law and order in the behavior of states. Basically international law is a established and recognized set of rules among states which bind states to regulate under it internally and internationally.(Dunne2008)Moreover, International law is different...

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...standard of compliance with the legitimized rule or institution and consequently the strong which can be induced to alter.”Watson also believe that “by hegemony I mean the material condition of technology, economic and strategic superiority which enables a single great powers or group of powers, or the great powers acting collectively, to bring such great inducements and pressures to bear that most other states lose some of their external and internal independence.” (Watson 2007, quoted in Clark 2009). This definition outlines the concept of international society from English school perspective which is a relationship between a group of states. Most international society display different combination element of hegemony but the key point is the most great powerful states tend to settle peace and feel responsibility about it. Moreover, the legitimacy of hegemonic
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