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In order to help Connor develop his ability to read I would use three strategies such as: interactive guided reading (Cooper & Kiger, 2014 p.33), monitoring/ clarifying (Cooper & Kiger, 2014 p.115), and cloze tests (DeVries, 2015 p.55. will help Connor grow as a beginner reader. First I would work with Connor using interactive guided reading, which is strategy that uses a different mode of reading than just independent reading or a read aloud. As the students read, “the teacher observes and coaches them through their use of strategies.,” (Cooper & Kiger, 2014 p.33). Throughout Connor’s running record, he tended to either forget that sounding out words was one of his strengths and would give up. Other times, he would create his own word in the sentence that would not fit the meaning or structure of the sentence. With interactive guided reading, the teacher could remind Connor to try sounding out the word, go back and reread what he just read, or use context clues while reading, etc. Throughout the reading the teacher can stop and discuss…show more content…
These tests can be used as a form or assessment, however in Connor’s the cloze tests would be used for instructional purposes. These cloze tests show students how to “use context clues and background knowledge to decipher unknown words” (DeVries, 2015 p.55). Connor would be given a passage with each 5th word deleted. He would then be instructed to fill in what word he thinks fits into the sentence. This is a strategy that again focuses on the meaning and structure of the sentence when reading instead of what the word sounds like. When looking at Connor’s Running Record, it is clear that his phonemic awareness is fairly strong. However his comprehension of the text is what is lacking, by looking at the data; most of his errors (11 out of 16) dealt with ignoring the meaning and/or structural clues throughout the

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