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Inspiration for MS The fact that growth in computer science and electronics has made our life so much different and easier, than it was a decade ago has always inspired me to create things and come up with methods that minimize human effort and increase the overall efficiency. Over my 4 years of undergraduate study I have realized that, to chase my dream of creating something that revolutionizes our way of living I must contribute towards a field that has had the greatest impact on our lives. And this realization that has inspired me to pursue a master’s degree in the field Computer engineering from prestigious University of Chicago which is known for its research in fields that are already making our lives easier Projects and Internships Being an enthusiast and intrigued by the myriad aspects of technology, I chose engineering after high school. After passing the gruelling entrance exams in India, I secured a position among the top 1 percentile engineering aspirants in the entire country and got admitted in the prestigious Delhi Technological University’s (erstwhile Delhi College of Engineering) Electrical and Electronics Department where I undertook various projects and internships across multiple domains throughout my four year as an engineering student to satiate my never-ending curiosity to learn and innovate new and advanced methods to perform tasks that earlier were labour intensive and difficult to perform. Throughout my 4 years in engineering I have tried my best to pay utmost attention towards my academics, because I believe that a good understanding of academic curriculum reinforces our understanding of technology and helps in its proper application. I have always been a first class student, and even in the semester... ... middle of paper ... ...d my research interests and career path I have chosen your illustrious university which is well known for its state-of-art facilities, distinguished faculty, world class infrastructure and path breaking research in the computer science department. I look forward to spending two years of immense learning and experience at your prestigious institution. I firmly believe that your university will help in a holistic development of my career and personality. I know that your university has rigorous process for admission and chooses only the best students from around the world. I believe that my past credentials, good academic record and an outstanding research experience make me a suitable Graduate candidate for your renowned institution. Thus, I sincerely believe that I would be given a chance to be a member of the academic community at University of Chicago.

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