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Study Questions The first type of informative speech is definition speeches. In these speeches, you inform your audience about something and/or what it means. You explain the definition on something. Description speeches are the second type of informative speeches. These speeches describe something. For example, an event or a person. They include senses and imagination. The third type of informative speeches are demonstration and process. In these speeches, the speaker describes how something is done and they can be informational or directional. The last and fourth informative speech is social ritual. These speeches are said during celebrations. For example, presentations. The first in planning an informative speech is evaluating the speaking…show more content…
For analogies and definitions, you can use analogies to add creativeness, add short definitions to help credibility, and cite definitions from the dictionary or suggest your own. Tips for examples and descriptions include choosing typical and relevant examples, using personal examples, backing up examples with knowledge, warning the audience about hypothetical examples. To create stories and personal anecdotes, you should avoid rambling on for long amounts of time and making sure that your story relates to your topic. Lastly, tips for using visual aids are avoiding overuse of visual aids, and testing your visuals with the question “will this visual make it easier for my listeners to understand and enjoy my topic?” The two categories of technology-assisted presentations are text/graphics presentation packages and multimedia presentation packages. In text/graphics presentation packages, packages help you create and run presentations with text, photos, drawings, diagrams, flowcharts, and other visuals. These packages can also help your speech to have a professional sound. In multimedia presentation packages, packages incorporate images, animated sequences, video, sound, and branching hypertext. These…show more content…
The credentials of the reviewer are MD, or medical doctor. The author is knowledgeable. His/her facts are organized, clear, and are backed up with evidence. The sources he/she uses are cited in a resources section. The sponsor of this sources is .org. An organization that is affiliated with this site is The Nemours Foundation. The Nemours Foundation is a children’s health system and care center. The scope of this resource is explaining what cyberbullying is and how it can affect people. It also explains how to point out cyberbullying and ways to prevent it. There are no spelling, grammatical, or typo errors present. The sources for factual information in the material clearly identified. The resources used can be verified. They are credible sources. No bias is present. There is no persuading shown. This article only informs the reader with information and definitions. The information is clearly stated and shown. All statements are backed up with evidence. This is an informational page, but there are some advertisements that are unrelated to the topic of cyberbullying that are
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