Essay On Information Technology

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1.0 Introduction Information technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data. Information technology includes mobile phones, laptops, computers and all other digital devices which are very addicting in a sense that people can’t live without them. It has become the necessity of individuals and with increasing population, I.T is used all over the world in trading, communications, transportations and other kind of industries and corporations. IT has without a doubt taken over the world, which is impossible to undo. 1.1 Background of the issue I.T has become important in business because it is everywhere in almost every kind of business worldwide. The digital generation is addicted to technology and we are fortunate enough to have the world at our fingertips. The usage of I.T has spread vastly worldwide, even in rural areas. 1.2 Current situation We are living in a globalised world, our day to day activities are based on information technology. The facilities and services of technology are getting better everyday for our benefit, but can we survive without information technology? 1.3 Research Question Numerous Studies show that the digital world is controlling our lives without us knowing it. It has become a part of our lives that we don’t even realize it has great impacts on our lives. A research will answer the frequently asked question does Information technology control/help our everyday life? And without its control and access, will there be a chaos in the world? 1.4 Thesis Statement I.T is helping us in our everyday life with... ... middle of paper ... ... technology in our lives has made us very reliable on computers and other digital devices for information. The culture of reading books in libraries has vanished and thus it will be extinct soon. People have become too dependent on online information that they think everything is true, but in reality some information can be altered. Information technology has great impacts on our lives. It is true that we have become dependent on it for our sources of information which is not bad. The world is developing day by day which means people have to develop too and admire new ways of living. The education stored on the internet cannot be stored in hard-copy. It is better to store something in a disk or hard drive rather than cutting trees to make papers then printing and storing in shelves. 2.3 Without the use of Information technology, there will be a chaos in the world.
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