Essay On Infidelity

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Infidelity commonly precedes jealousy and subsequent relationship issues, such as violence (Daly, Wilson & Weghorst., 1982; Felson, 1997). Jealousy arises when individuals feel that their intimate relationship is under threat (Daly et al., 1982). Different types of jealousy and related emotions arise in response to sexual and emotional infidelity (Levy, Kelly, & Jack, 2006). Emotional infidelity involves strong emotional connection with another individual whereas, sexual infidelity involves unfaithful sexual behaviour with another person (Buss, Larsen, Westen & Semmelroth., 1992). Sex differences in response to emotional and sexual infidelity frequently occur in research and explained to result from evolutionary pressures (Buss et al., 1992) or socialised and learned values (Widerman & Allgeier, 1993).…show more content…
Forced-choice/binary measures require participants to select a specific type of infidelity (sexual or emotional) as more upsetting. This method has consistently shown that males respond more jealously to sexual infidelity, compared to females who are more distressed by emotional infidelity (Bendixen, Kennair, & Buss, 2015; Buss et al., 1992). This sex difference is consistent across a wide array of sexual and emotional-related infidelity characteristics (Buss, 1999). Despite these robust effects, the pertinence of forced-choice measures assessing jealousy in response to infidelity has been disputed (Desteno 2010; Harris, 2002; Harris, 2003). Cognitive biases regarding the ability to evaluate which type of infidelity is more distressing arise due to the binary nature (Desteno 2010; Harris,
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