Essay On Inequality

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If wealthy individuals are more likely than others to consider the system of inequality fair, what are the chances that the system will ever change?
While most Americans believe the people on the top of the economic ladder have an excessive amount of wealth the chances that a wealthy individual will share the same belief is unlikely. Inequality allows the rich to profit off the poor in many ways. For instance, they use poor to generate profits and maximize their own wealth. “A majority adults believe that “people should be able to accumulate as much wealth as they can even some make millions while others live in poverty” (pg. 355 Social inequality). This explains why so many of nation 's rich continue to thrive. The “system” is least likely to change and will not increase opportunity or equality for many of the working class and the poor. The people on the top have more political influence and authority and with that comes power that can secure economic stability for themselves while increasing poverty for others.

2. Is it possible to develop a formula for the fair distribution of resources that is
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One way to determine how much inequality exist is by analyzing the number of individuals with adequate resources and comparing them to the rest of the population. It is important to measure inequality at a global level. What occurs in one part of the world influences consumerism, government policies, resources, education, healthcare and homelessness, and employment. Domestic and foreign policies shape our nation and the world outside its borders. Inequality is a worldwide issue what occurs in the United States is a portion of a much larger problem. There are women, men, and children who are living in war-ravaged countries other nations have little food and no access to clean water. Human trafficking and immigration are other issues which allow us to see just how unequal our society is in its
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