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Industrial Engineering Application to Airlines
Problem statement
Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the optimization of all composite and complex processes, or systems (Shtub, Avraham, and Yuval Cohen 5). The industrial engineers usually work to eliminate the waste of time, resources such as money, personnel, materials energy and any other scars resources. In various ways, Industrial Engineering concerns the improvement, development, and implementation of the integrated systems of people, cash, equipment, knowledge, materials, synthesis, and analysis together with the principle and techniques of engineering design.
Industrial engineering is a longstanding engineering discipline applicable to several fields.
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In fact, the merger had worried the US government, its airline rivals, and other consumer groups. It was stated that the merged airline would take the American carrier to serving more than 6,700 flights daily, and more than 300 destinations (Peterman 781). Also, the carrier could offer its services to more than 50 countries. But for this to be applicable, the American airline decided to recruit several industrial engineers and analysts to improve the customer services and to make high…show more content…
The reason being, previously, different airline companies could employ human labor force to conduct the task. They could screen the passengers thoroughly, check on what they have carried and then permit them to board the plane (Sabuncuoglu et al. 75). In fact, the procedure could take more than 20 minutes for one passenger. By the end of the day, the airline firm would incur a lot of costs to employ the task force, and also, they end up serving fewer customers. As a result of industrial engineering, everything has changed, the loading procedure is quick and profitable.
Other Improvements caused by Industrial Engineering
The field of industrial engineering has also invented various computer-controlled equipment’s that are either manual or software aided for handling various tasks. The equipment usually has sensors which assist in identifying harmful materials that malicious passengers may bring to the airline (Dasgupta, Dipankar, and Zbigniew 108). Also, through the application of the knowledge, executive managers can perform time studies through the support of level loading, and the productivity enhancement.

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