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‘WRITE EVERYDAY’ it is a common advice. Indeed writing is an important and inescapable part of our daily life. When a person learns how to write daily, a whole world of possibilities open for him. He can pen up his thoughts, create a story and can make his own illusionary world. Writing promotes one’s ability to pose worthwhile questions. Writing is something which is enduring, it always leaves an impact on others. It makes thinking visible. Writing daily makes you seem more professional and genius. Henry Miller perfectly said : ‘’Writing is its own reward’’ There are many reasons which explains why writing is an authentic part in confidence and personality building. Following are some important benefits of writing daily: 1. IT CHARGES CREATIVITY: Writing everyday increases creativity. A person writing daily will eventually notice that his creativity begins to thrive. Good ideas for writing on different topics will come out. It will help in exercising your creative muscles. 2. IT INCREASES CONFIDENCE: Writing something on any topic everyday increases self-confidence and helps a person to overcome the fear of rejection and poor writing. Writing something everyday even a little will help to overcome this under confidence. It helps to make understand that we don’t need any inspiration to write. Writing daily gives us the confidence that we can write on whatever topic we want. 3. IT ENABLES TO ANALYZE WRITING SKILLS: Writing daily instills the passion in a person to write at will. The more person tries to write he will be able to analyze and experiment his thoughts on different topics, which will ultimately prove to make him a good writer. This will open person’s mind and will allow him to wr... ... middle of paper ... In a business you will make a strong and an effective impact on your partners and colleagues through effective and better writing than others which can only be achieved through writing daily. CONCLUSION: Above are the few benefits of writing daily, indeed writing is beneficial to establish credibility and to guarantee success. Writing helps to understand how truth is established in given discipline. Strong writing skills allows a person to organize and present their thoughts clearly. When you write daily your eyes are open up to whatever creative is going around. In a nutshell, writing has a very deep impact on a collective life of a society, you never know your single word can change thoughts of millions of people. As according to Maya Angelou: ‘’The idea is to write it so that people can hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.’’

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