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Tung-Han Yeh (Eric) Professor Crenshaw 3 November 1 Importance of Video Game In The Society Video games have offered the society a platform to interact with electronic devices through a visual user interface as a form of entertainment. Video games not only occupy our thoughts but also enhance our creativity in problem-solving. Video games have been designed to reflect on our lives in the community, but our society is concerned which innocent children will derive from violent games. This is legitimate concern, but we cannot ignore the benefits of the contemporary interactive entertainment provided by the games. Video games are important to the society in many different ways. There is a variety of games that can be played by a…show more content…
Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology evaluates games as engaging, strengthens relationship bonds, meaningful among the groups and gives a feeling of freedom and achievement. There is always something transcendent while playing the game that lifts our souls out of pain and suffering of everyday life. Games remain to be optional obstacles that we can choose to ignore. Games are what people chose to do when they have option or liberty to do so. Therefore, playing games is a sign of freedom and liberty is very important to anyone in our society("The Many Benefits, for Kids, of Playing Video…show more content…
The industry employment rate since 2005 had increased by 9 % in 2009. The industry has directly employed more than 32,000 people by 2009. The average annual compensation of the workers in this industry amounts to of $ 89,781 in 2009. The game industry has created more employment too many people directories and indirectly. There is big potential growth for this industry. California benefited most from the growth of gaming industry since it had the most electronic art industry are based there. The state provided more than $ 2.6 billion in compensation for workers in 2009 followed by Texas, New Yolk, and Washington ("Video Games Impact the Economy More Than You Think"). The demand for the video games is rising, and the industry will continue to grow to experience its full potential. It generates a lot of taxes to the government and creates employment for

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