Essay On Importance Of Nursing Theory

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Importance of Theory

Nursing theory’s definition is concepts that are uncertain, determined, and systematically considering at phenomena as innovative, demanding organizing. It is a structured frame of ideas and intentions planned to escort nursing practice. Nursing is used to designate, improve, distribute, and practice current knowledge in nursing. There are nursing theories such as grand nursing theory and mid-range nursing theory and nursing practice theory. Grand nursing theory has current general concepts and propositions through the widest scope. Mid-range nursing theory is narrower than grand nursing theory and provides an effective connection between grand nursing theory and nursing practice. Nursing practice theory has the most restricted
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Nightingale thought the correct surroundings could lead to the transformation in the patient's recovery, and on this awareness is the beginning of environmentalist theory (De Almeida Medeiros, Cruz Enders & De Carvalho Lira, 2015).

Formal nursing knowledge was not available in the early history of nursing. Moreover, nursing theory was established in order to assess increasingly complex customer care situations, as nursing education developed and the need to classify knowledge. It is the theory of nursing that suggests plans for reflection to investigate specific directions that require planning. It is not only prepares for management, research and decision-making when new situations arise, but also manages the structure for communicating with other nurses, other representatives and medical team members. Supporting nursing development in establishing
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Nursing theory is accompanied by research and practice (Nursing theory, 2017). The theory of nursing runs knowledge by describing and clarifying various phenomena in depth. These theories offer an indicator of daily nursing practice of caring for patients. They provide the chance to utilize learning in research and practice. Nursing science has moved to an expanded acknowledgment of the presumption that people are unitary creatures whose conduct is an impression of comprehensive designing (RAHIM, 2016). According to Östlund, et al (2015), the theoretical placed into practice for an applying intervention, which is a complex process that contains of numerous stages. This procedure can be demonstrated through the Knowledge to Action (KTA) agenda, with equally a knowledge construction and knowledge use period, supposing a general perception. Recognizing the important components of an intervention model, this is an essential and indispensable element; part of the knowledge creation cycle can be realized as an approach to convert theory to practice (Östlund, et al, 2015). This theory can support establish nursing according to the patient's experience in promoting
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