Essay On Importance Of Friends

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Friends are a part of our lives. As the saying goes, a life without friends is a life without a sun. So, you can definitely see the importance of friends. However, friends can be divided into two groups, which are good friends and bad friends. When making friends, you should learn to distinguish between good and bad friends.

In life, we meet a lot of people, feel comfortable with them, I introduce to everyone that this is my friend. At a certain moment in life, we find a person who can change our lives in only a small part. It is not only people who are happy when we are successful but also who do not leave us when we are sad, in danger or when we fail, when the people around us leave. And I call it a friend - a close friend, a real friend.
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It is also someone who prevented us from making mistakes or helping us fix when we make mistakes. It is the people who always stick and support me. A real or true friend is always willing to help us when we need them. At the same time, it is our responsibility to remain helpful towards our friends. If someone is our friend, we should be glad to help them when they need us. And we can assume that this sentiment is reciprocal. That is what true friendship is about. Need of a true friend: We cannot live alone in society. A true friend is considered the most valuable asset that a person can possess.
Therefore, we should choose good friends who are really willing to help us. We must avoid those people who come forward with selfish motives because they may put us into trouble at any
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There are friends who are often indifferent to your suffering in life. But true friend is not like that. Selfless service is the essence of true friendship. A true friend proves him-selves by his good deeds. A true friend does not have any selfish motive. He is prepared to do anything for the sake of friendship. He can even sacrifice his life to save the life of his friend. Such a friend is called a true friend. There are some selfish people who always try to abuse friendship with a selfish motive. Then try to exploit their friendship and gain something to serve their selfish interest. They establish friendship with this motive and leave you when their goal is achieved. They are false friends. We should always be aware of such friends and try to avoid them as far as practicable.
Adversity is the test of a true friend. He who stands by us in our good and bad times is a true friend indeed. We should always be on search for good friends. A good friend always remains accessible even during adverse times. With the help of friends, a person can overcome the troubles of difficult times. Life becomes easier for people who are blessed with true friends.
There are many different characteristics a good friend needs to have. A good friend needs to be a trustworthy and loyal person. He needs to be fair, caring, and loving. A good friend would be someone that can make you smile or laugh; a person that will make you happy when you are sad. However
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