Essay On Imperialism

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Imperialism in the late 1800’s blossomed when a new phase of global expansion erupted. One of the main goals of this global expansion focused on new markets and sources of raw materials. Due to the Second Industrial Revolution, the demand for new markets and the exploding numbers in production compelled business leaders to search out new sources of investment for the growing economy. Rapid territorial expansion redirected the competing ideologies of agricultural demands, Native Americans, European Immigrants, and industrial capitalist in this new empire. In this search, manufacturers needed to find new raw materials in order to better equip themselves to sustain against the newly rising competitors. This caused competition with foreign market systems all around to begin pursuing an imperialistic empire. The European powers responded with aggressive nationalism when expanding their empire. This concept began trending internationally as other nations adapted the new concept of maintaining a steady nation through the new ideals of expansions. After the conclusion of the Civil War and the Reconstruction, the American economy rapidly increased as it developed in the Second Industrial Revolution. Between the time periods of 1800 to 1914, the United States had a massive increase in newly introduced natural resources that was involved with the new territory. New markets opened up a whole new economy and inventions that helped distribute these new manufactured goods were introduced. Innovations in transportation that included roads, steamboats, railroads and canals helped link isolated communities and distribute the new production of goods across the United States. American interior could be shipped directly to the Atlantic and could b... ... middle of paper ... ... put translations in its imperial bureaus.” In the end of the 19th century, the idea that the United States had a special mission to uplift "backward" people around the world also commanded growing support. During the late 1880s, American foreign policy makers began to display a new assertiveness. The United States came close to declaring war against “Germany over Samoa in 1889, against Chile in 1891, over the treatment of U.S. sailors; and against Britain in 1895, over a territorial dispute between Venezuela and Britain”. With this new political flex, the United States began to embrace the idea of imperialistic policy, transforming the nation. The United States concentrated on three main objectives when it came to the concerns of foreign policy. They desired to build a Canal in Central America, be a dominant role in regards to the Caribbean trade and annex Hawaii.
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