Essay On Impact Of Social Media On Teenagers

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The Impact of Social Media on Adolescents In society today, social media has become a normality in many lives. People use social media outlets to keep up with friends, promote their businesses, and meet new people. There are many reasons to avoid the use of social media as a teenager, whether it be social pressures in general, or health risks When used properly the impact of social media can be extremely positive and helpful; however, some users abuse these social networks. Most social media users are teenagers and these networks have shown to have quite the negative impact. Researchers have stated that teenagers are growing up with more anxiety and less self esteem. Teenagers are the masters of text messaging, and having multiple networks to communicate through is only making things worse. However, this means teens are not having as much face-to-face conversations as they used to. Thanks to social media kids are missing out on critical social skills says Rachel Ehmke, editor at Child Mind Institute (Child Mind Institute). Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair stated in her book The Big Disconnect, “There’s no question kids are missing out on very critical social skills. In a way, texting and online communicating—it’s not like it creates a nonverbal learning disability, but it puts everybody in a…show more content…
According to Common Sense Media, they found that one in five teenagers say that social media gave them more confidence. Shira Lee Katz stated, "On the whole, teens said that they feel that social media has a more positive than negative impact on their social and emotional lives, they believe that social media helps their friendships, makes them feel more outgoing and gives them confidence."( “Social media positive for teens? Maybe!”). Social media can bring friendships closer, and help kids gain confidence, but only through positive feedback and that can be hard to come
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