Essay On Impact Of Computer Technology In Healthcare

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The impact of information systems & computer technology of healthcare today The quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare today is greatly influenced by computer technology & information systems. Healthcare has evolved dramatically over the last 50 years and continues to advance in methods of providing patients with the most current treatments to date. As computer technology advances so will the face of healthcare. The future of computer technology that will affect the future of healthcare in the next 20 years will be nothing but amazing. Safety in healthcare is the number one goal for all healthcare institutes. There are many methods that has increased safety for patients, providing a decrease in patient outcomes. “The use of barcoding…show more content…
HIPPA is a perfect example in keeping patient information safe and confidential from anyone knowing their personal and medical information. In physician offices today any prescriptions that the physician orders is now done directly thru the computer, called escribed. The technology of EPIC communicating with pharmacies all over the country by the click of the mouse is simply amazing. This dramatically reduces medication errors, misread written Rxs, and puts the ordering back into the hands of the…show more content…
Patients going for X-rays now do not have to wait days or weeks, images are available in EMR almost immediately to be read and interpret. Nurses at Miami Valley Hospital have a direct link to Lexicomp and Krames for additional resources and pt education. The advances in healthcare available to the patient directly has really become very popular and increasing patients taking charge of their own health. These methods include: Fitbit®, phone health apps, and My Chart® to name a few.
Another new advance is, “capsule endoscopy, a procedure that uses a tiny wireless camera to take pictures of your digestive tract” (mayoclinicorg, 2015). This method of obtaining patient data that cannot be accessed via endoscopy is helping physicians read data coming directly from the patient and finding clinical data to help diagnosing
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