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Sarah Rashid Asia 20200 “Contemporary Asia: World Systems in Transformation” Drew Hopkins March 30, 2014 China as Hydraulic Civilization Karl August Wittfogel was a philosopher during the early part of the 20th century Europe. He was known for his belief that the ancient civilization of Egypt and Mesopotamia was unable to reach their full potential because of their lack of knowledge about irrigation systems. The theory of “Hydraulic Civilizations” was developed by Karl Wittfogel and in his book “Oriental Despotism”. Hydraulic Civilizations was described as places of agricultural system that was dependent on the crucial government, directed water systems for irrigation and flood management. Wittfogel described Egypt, Mesopotamia, Northern China, India, and pre-Columbian Mexico and Peru as Hydraulic civilizations. The hydraulic theory of civilization was a foundation stone in the cultural ecology movement. The Hydraulics of civilization was the river systems of ancient china. Wittfogel belief for his theory of “hydraulic civilizations”, was influenced from the idea, civilizations wer...

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