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Aaron Jones
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How could you define something that is so broad? What is human trafficking? Some experts define it as a sex trade. Majority of the population defines it as prostitution. The thing about human trafficking is that it’s a little between kidnapping and prostitution. The real definition of human trafficking is a recruitment of people that can be male or female, which these people use fraud, deception, and abduction. In some other case they use people transport them and have power over people having them to think that they owe the money back for the use of exploitation. With exploitation comes with forms of prostitution and other immorality activities, hard labour, acts of intensive slavery, or even death. Death comes with forms of removing organs to get back the money they used on the person. With the hard labour comes with jobs like construction work and factory work. You can refer to human trafficking as modern day slavery. Most of the time the reason people do this crime because they do not have to pay the worker but keep all the money for themselves and that’s why they make a lot of profit off of human trafficking. Slaves have restricted freedom just as the people that is being used as sex slaves. The females and males that are being used as sex slaves live in very poor conditions. With living in poor conditions comes with very poor hygiene. With illegal activity comes with risk. Human trafficking is a very violent business. The United States is one of the main points to transport individuals for human trafficking. With the cost of living at it all time high, with jobs play low wages, human traffickers look at this as a great oppor...

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...he criteria and the told her to come to Nashville and I never heard from that model website again. My feelings changed towards this whole human trafficking thing because these people goes through something that suppose to be abolished by the law in the United States. In the developing countries I feel for them because I really don’t know their laws that well but some families sell there young ones for the money. I have a young one and I can only imagine how heartless those families can do just for the money. About my opinion it changed to because I do understand that they use these people to get the drugs smuggled in. These people also lose their lives to because of the conditions they live in. I really hope they put a stop to this but in this world I don’t think they would ever stop the human trafficking operation because these operation generate so much money.

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