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Sociology Option 3 Final

There is a movement happening that we as a people have little to no awareness of its existence. It moves in the shadows claiming new victims each and every day. These secret deviants are in the business of ruination, the ruination of people’s lives. The trafficking of humans across the globe is an issue that has been overlooked for far too long.
What does it mean for humans to be trafficked? According to the UN, human trafficking is “the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor.” Basically it is a modern day version of slavery. People today know of the existence of human trafficking but don’t believe it is a growing issue. They would be wrong. From December 2007 to December 2012, the United States alone has received nearly 9300 calls about human trafficking. Human trafficking has even begun to outgrow the drug trade in size and in profit.
But how long has sex trafficking been going on? Historians have traced the sex trade back thousands of years, connecting it even with the Babylonian Empire. There was a brief amount of time where the Roman Catholic Church put up with the sex trade because they felt it would prevent the sins of sodomy and rape. It sprang up again during the Middle Ages for a little while but wasn’t a huge issue until the early 20th century.
It wasn’t until 1902 that sex trafficking became a political issue not only in the United States but also worldwide. It was called the International Agreement for the Suppression of the White Slave Traffic and its purpose was to try and stop the selling of women into slavery for sexual purposes. Many countries ratified this agreement a few years after it had been introduced. In 1910, the Unite...

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... sponsor one of the people that they saved. A monthly donation is made by the sponsors to help support the people and help get them back on track. One of the girls that attends my church actually set up a fundraiser this past weekend to help all of the girls who have been affected by trafficking. Even though it isn’t just for girls, some of the people who attended the fundraiser were male. They decided that they needed to be there for the people who have been affected by human trafficking.
I think this is a clear deviancy issue because many of the people who are responsible for sending these girls into sexual slavery. They are the secrets deviants that we discussed and read about because their crimes go unpunished. Rapha House is making a stand against those who would sell another into sexual slavery. I plan on helping them make a stand to the best of my ability.

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