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1 INTRODUCTION Over the past twenty years, public institutions has been faced with challenges of implementing strategies which will enable the organizations to perform in such a way that will lead it into a competitive advantage. Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) in the public sector is and has always been the driving influential notion to appear in the study of business and management. Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) improves performance and production of an institution, and when institutions employs personnel practices such as internal profession hierarchy, performance evaluation, performance-based rewards, etc. they are more able to accomplish its goals of program service delivery utmost concern. With regards to Human Resource Management (HRM), decision makers at public institution levels have drawn upon the idea of promoting high performance level. The challenges that public sector institutions are faced with may include articulating, incorporating and executing strategies in public sector institutions and these strategies are designed to enhance or rather improve public services delivery, such as water and health services. Human resources are the most important resources in an organization since their functions enable the institutions to become more successful in delivery public services. Human resource management is important in every institution since it ensures that the institution is equipped with experienced, dedicated and well-motivated employees it requires. Due to this reason, it is important that public sector employees must achieve their tasks at a finest level so that the general strategy, goals and the determination of government can be achieved. For the purpose of the assignment, key concept... ... middle of paper ... ...corporate plan is essential in the public sector institution is the values underlying PSHRM at a particular point in time. The values referred to include; efficiency; effectiveness; equity and responsiveness. However, the application of these values may differ from time to time, with regards to the policies of the party-political in authority (Erasmus et al. 2005:96). 6.2 Environmental scanning 6.3 Establishing specific objectives 6.4 Deciding on an integrated human resource management strategy 6.5 Drafting and implementing of public sector human resource management business plans 6.6 Monitoring, evaluation and reporting 7 REASONS FOR ADOPTING A STRATEGIC APPROACH TO PUBLIC SECTOR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 8 LESSONS THAT SOUTH AFRICA CAN LEARN IN IMPLEMENTING AND MANAGING A STRATEGIC APPROACH TO PUBLIC SECTOR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 9 CONCLUSION 10 REFERENCES

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