Essay On Hospital Values

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Research shows 11 hospitals utilize and consistently delivered therapy to restore blood flow to heart patients in 90 minutes or less. Some of the values that seem to appear to drive doctors and nurses are: 1. Hospitals are well organized and have the ability to reward high-quality performances and are flexible to deal with setbacks. 2. However, teamwork is another important value, this is important because team members need to work quickly. 3. All hospitals share the same core values, they are committed to reducing delays throughout their process, and they provide data and feedback to measure success and innovative protocols and flexibility. Doctors and nurses work together in a speedy manner that can also help to determine the life or death…show more content…
Doctors and nurses are sensitive to their patient needs. Values and communication in a hospital setting are a set of guidelines that are followed to provide care for patients. The overall aim of standards is to improve patient’s quality of life by ensuring each person gets the care that is most appropriate for them as an individual. Organizational culture is the behavior of humans who are part of an organization that have similar values, visions, beliefs and habits. Shared beliefs and values within the organization help guide the behavior of its members. Furthermore, coworkers share the same values and work habits, they tend to work better together to reach a common goal and provide the best possible care. Without values, it would not be feasible for the hospitals maintain their success or reputation built on delivering therapy to restore blood flow to heart attack patients in 90 minutes or less. It is critical that doctors and nurses work together as teamwork on a heart attack patient, in order to restore the blood flow and reduce the amount of damage to the heart…show more content…
When a patient is being treated, they want to feel confident that the doctor and nurse are aware of their findings and are able to communicate with one another as well as the patient. Poor communication can cause misdiagnoses, lawsuit or even death. In observation, from the work study, when work habits match the team culture of the organization this contributes to their success. The more doctors and nurses that accept and share the core value of the hospitals; the culture will become stronger. As stated by (Ivancevich, Konopaske, and Matteson, 2011), organizational culture involves shared expectations, values, and attitudes, it exerts influence on individuals, groups and organizational
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